Revolutionising Motion: The Incredible Impact of Advanced Bearings

Coler Supply Solutions, a specialist in the field of bearings, offers an extensive range of precision and customised bearings. These high-quality bearings are primarily supplied to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across a diverse array of industries. The sectors benefiting from their products include gearboxes, where the precision bearings play a crucial role in enhancing performance and reliability. Similarly, in electric motors, these bearings are essential for ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

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The construction machinery industry, known for its demanding environments, relies heavily on the durability and robustness of Coler Supply Solutions bearings. These components are critical in ensuring the machinery operates at peak efficiency, even under strenuous conditions. For material handling equipment, where precision and reliability are paramount, the company's bearings ensure seamless operation, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, Coler Supply Solutions' bearings are a key component in the steel mills sector. Here, bearings must withstand extreme temperatures and heavy loads, making their quality and endurance essential for continuous operation. By catering to such a wide range of industries, Coler Supply Solutions demonstrates its expertise and commitment to quality, providing bearings that meet the specific needs of each sector.

Coler Supply Solutions is fully equipped with the most advanced high-speed CNC machines.

We are able to supply metal stampings in a range of material, various steels, coated and uncoated, aluminium, brass and stainless steel. CSS specialise in metal presswork, stampings, robotic welding and mechanical assemblies for a range of customers from various market sectors including automotive, safety at height, and domestic appliances. We are situated & offer prototype, development, and manufacturing services. Our customers depend upon our product quality and customer support, we provide a world class service at competitive global market prices, consistently exceeding our customers expectation for quality, cost and delivery.

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