Company Profile

Involved in manufacturing
for over 35 years.

Coler Supply Solutions (Intl) Limited is a UK based Company that has been involved in manufacturing for over 35 years.

We recognised that the service needs of our customers are changing, as they now compete in an increasingly competitive global market. To respond to this change, we now cater for this growing trend for global procurement via our overseas manufacturing facilities, whilst still offering UK manufacture and supply when requested.

Our largest overseas facility is based in Wuxi in China, where we have been successfully trading for over 15 years. We are also pleased to confirm that we are fully accredited to the prestigious IATF 16949.

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Focusing on our goal of total customer satisfaction

We have embarked upon a mission of improvement and development, ensuring that the increasing customer pressures of achieving top-end quality, cost efficiencies and delivery targets can continue to be met to the highest standards.

We believe in maintaining the latest advancements in manufacturing technologies and materials, leading to greater business efficiencies and positive cost down opportunities.

Focusing on our goal of total customer satisfaction and ever increasing industry awareness, we provide a service to a diverse range of customers via our extensive supplier partnership program here in the UK and overseas.

This has enabled us to meet customers’ fundamental requirements by ensuring that they have access to our manufacturing facilities in the UK, the Far East, Indian Sub-Continent and Europe.

Growth and success
generated by our vision

We believe that our growth and success has been generated by our vision of providing our customers with key manufacturing and  procurement solutions that they often felt could only be completed in house or was indeed impossible.

With this philosophy of building upon the firm foundations of good customer service in the key areas of competitive pricing, quality components and schedule adherence, we hope to provide you with the highest quality engineering and procurement solutions. .

For advice or more information call us today on +44(0)1827 712910 or email us at