Vision, Mission, Values

We all need something to strive toward when coming in to work on a daily basis.

By having our Vison, Mission and Values in place our work becomes meaningful. We are striving for a greater outcome than simply meeting our own wants or needs. By implementing these we are growing something special not just for ourselves but for our work "family" and also the familes generations to come as we continue to keep this business around for our children's children and beyond.

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Why Choose Coler Supply Solutions?

To ensure that your manufacturing plan operates efficiently and with the flexibility required to maintain high-quality standards, it's crucial to implement strict project flow management. Here's a concise guide to achieving this:


To become THE go to family business for the procurement of all our customers manufactured goods

We are continuing in the process of growing & developing a third-generation family business.

Our vision for the name Coler Supply Solutions to become a go-to in the industry is something we want all of our staff/work family to become a part of.

To take part in the transition from a small enterprise to an industry standard name is an ambitious target but one that matches the aspiration of each member of the team.

Those who choose to assist in helping us achieve this vision will always be treated as part of the family and rewarded in the same fashion.


To change the perception of supply procurement, proving it can be done efficiently, effectively and at a fair price

We believe in utilising the strength of overseas partnerships and the benefits it brings to us as a business, our customers, the end consumers and the global economy as a whole. Our goal of changing the perception is to ensure that we bring back the old school FAIR deal.

Whereby consumers are getting exactly what they pay for and not being overcharged for poor quality product or alternatively great craftsmanship being Vision Mission Values undervalued.

By recreating this FAIR economy we feel that Coler Supply Solutions and the team can succeed in achieving our vision through the supply of EFFECTIVE SERVICE, done QUICKLY at the RIGHT PRICE.


Give and Take - Opportunity - Hunger - Kaizen
Say it > Do it > Communicate

Give & Take: This is a mindset that will forever be at the core of Coler Supply Solutions. We will always recognise the contributions of individuals/groups who are going the extra mile to give so that we can return that in kind. A take-take attitude without any give has no place here.

Opportunity: We pride ourselves on granting any member of the team the option to progress to whatever role they desire. There is no limit to the position that any member of the team can find themselves in as long as they set their ambitions high and achieve the expectations required to fill that position.

Hunger: We’re here to breed a successful mindset and attitude towards work and life. We are all working towards goals in life inside and outside of work and we are here to help assist and push each other into achieving them.

Kaizan: Ensuring that we take CONTINUOUS small steps of improvement each and every day.

Say It > Do It > Communicate: When we are working on tasks that we’ve been assigned it’s expected to SAY that you are going to complete it to the best of your ability to the timelines given. Followed by DO IT ensuring that we complete the task assigned in the agreed-upon time. Communicate if you run into any difficulties that prevent you from DOING IT in the time agreed.

Family: We are here to create a family environment backed by 3 generations of Barkers we expect everyone to treat each other with respect but also with an open and honest approach whereby no problem is too big or too small to bring to the table whether it be inside or outside the workplace.