Pressed Parts

Precision in Every Press: Unleashing the Power of Pressed Parts

Pressed parts, crafted through the precision of pressing and stamping processes, are integral components in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. This method involves shaping metal sheets into specific forms by applying high pressure, a process that ensures accuracy and consistency in mass production.

The versatility of pressed parts is remarkable, allowing for a wide range of shapes and sizes. From small intricate components used in electronic devices to larger structural parts in automotive manufacturing, the adaptability of this technology is key. The process not only accommodates different metals, like steel, aluminium, and brass, but also allows for complex designs that would be challenging or impossible to create through traditional machining methods.

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Pressed Metal Parts Supplier

CSS specialises in precision metal pressing & press tool making. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, you can count on quality pressed parts delivered on time at competitive prices.

We are able to make prototypes up to 100,000+ pressed components to your specification

Coler Supply Solutions is fully equipped with the most advanced high-speed CNC machines.

We are able to supply metal stampings in a range of material, various steels, coated and uncoated, aluminium, brass and stainless steel. CSS specialise in metal presswork, stampings, robotic welding and mechanical assemblies for a range of customers from various market sectors including automotive, safety at height, and domestic appliances. We are situated & offer prototype, development, and manufacturing services. Our customers depend upon our product quality and customer support, we provide a world class service at competitive global market prices, consistently exceeding our customers expectation for quality, cost and delivery.

Why Choose Coler Supply Solutions?

To ensure that your manufacturing plan operates efficiently and with the flexibility required to maintain high-quality standards, it's crucial to implement strict project flow management. Here's a concise guide to achieving this:

Product DFM Analysis

Mould Design

Mould Making

Mould Trial

Sample Approved

Large Volume Production

Quality Control



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