A proactive approach to quality through confidence and experience.

We have a proactive approach to quality within Coler as it is our firm belief that quality should be designed into a product, not sought after manufacture. In order to achieve this, we firstly assure ourselves that we can achieve our clients brief, via a process of contract review.

If we are confident that we can achieve the specifications outlined in the brief, we utilise our experience and knowledge of global sourcing in order to maximise quality, cost and delivery expectations of our client.

Upon shortlisting supplier companies we match the clients brief to the supplier’s abilities, via our bespoke computerised database, built up over twenty years of procurement in both the UK, Europe and now globally.

Through this process, we always ensure that client specifics can be met – including supply companies accreditation levels, with most of our supply companies holding ISO9001:2000 or its equivalent.

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Monitor key measurables

against our supplier base.

We also monitor key measurables against our supplier base, including adherence to delivery schedules, ppm rejections and more. This aids in finding the company that has the right economic balance for our client’s needs.

We maintain an inspection facility which regularly audits incoming goods prior to dispatch to our clients, providing a further monitor on our supplier’s ability to meet the client brief and giving us further protection against the possibility of non-conforming goods.

Within our company we have key personnel with experience in all aspects of our approval processes; they can ensure that your key quality requirements are met & reported upon. These can include but are not limited to the following:-

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Production Part Approval Process
  • Contract Review
  • Failure mode Effects Analysis
  • Repeatability & Reproducible Studies

In doing so we ensure that we match the customer requirement closely with the approved supply company thereby ensuring that you are not paying for an unnecessary feature or accreditation level, maximising your potential for cost downs, whilst still receiving the product quality on time every time.

As well as the standard Initial Sample Inspection Report, Sample Parts, & Marked up print etc.